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About Us

Food for tasty & healthy      Welcome to our awesome Spicy food hut restaurant.  Spicy food hut is one of the best in Kerala, its located in Calicut, nearby railway.  We provide tasty and healthy food and spicy food for customers,



Fast & Delicious

Birthday Party Catering Services

Birthday Party

 Birthday party catering services  Birthday party catering service is arranging always a joy, and it’s a special day and with a memorable day.  Adult and Kids have celebrate the birthday. Prepare the simple to serve homestyle, party favorites. Creative fun

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Wedding Catering Services

wedding catering

Wedding Catering is the food providing service. And its a business. Wedding party food service at a site such as an event venue, studio, hospital, park, etc. The Wedding catering food focused on food preparation and the catering menu.  

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Restaurant Food Catering Services

restaurant party

 Restaurant And Catering Service party Restaurant and catering services are endless articles on catering for receptions and parties.  These events entirely different in restaurant catering. Our restaurant catering are some common types of food service for events, such as weddings,

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"The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating"
Daily exercise and Quality Food is the key to remain Healthy
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We are also active in social media. You can contact us on below adresses. always ready to serve the spicy & tasty foods.
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